Our Power Air Purified Respirator (PAPR) helps individuals who are required to wear a mask in public settings by offering a powerful air filtration system, AC/heating capabilities, and a revolutionized yet comfortable wearing experience unlike typical cloth and surgical masks.

Product Features

A/C System



Fans and Blowers


Updates on our Project!


Kevin Fang and Daryl Nguyen, Feb 7, 2021

We have continually been updating our designs and this is the most current iteration created on solidworks. Two images are referenced here: the left image shows how the mask would be worn on the user and the right image is the mask itself. Currently, the mask design shows the straps on top and behind the head for extra support and two side components with the transparent mask in the front. The two side components represent the blowers that blow clean air from the side to the front. In addition to the blowers, it will contain the electrical components of the mask (batteries, wires, etc). Instead of having the electrical components on the neck and back, our ideal design is to have them on the side of the face to reduce extraneous external components that can cause confusion for the user when wearing and removing.


Daryl Nguyen, Jan 17, 2021

Our initial design started with the basic components of the mask: the fan and neckband. These images depict the solidworks model of our components for the mask design. Our initial design uses the concept of the VO2 mask, which has the fans at the front of the face, in front of the mouth (left image).

One added component to our design is the neckband (right image). This neckband will ideally contain the electrical components of the mask which will be the batteries and the wires connecting to the fans and blowers. The purpose of the neckband design is to put majority of the weight on the neck and shoulders of the user. Since the support points are at the neck and shoulders, this relieves the weight of the users from the head.

Team Members

Daryl Nguyen


Daryl is the mentor of our project and is guiding the team in our design process. He has helped the team with providing resources in order to better understand the components we are working with.

Brittanie Chu

Team Lead

Brittanie is the team lead for this project and organizes team members for their individual tasks. She will also be focused on working with the circuitry between the batteries and blowers with Euressa.

Euressa Cosmiano


Euressa is the manufacturer for this project and will oversee the prototyping of the design. She will also be focused on working with the circuitry between the batteries and blowers with Brittanie.

Kevin Fang


Kevin is our main designer for this project and will be focused on working with Solidworks for the different design iterations and assembly of the mask and creating the optimal design for prototyping.

Scott Wong

Business Advisor

Scott is our business advisor for this project and will be looking into different modes of funding through competitions and grants. He will also be focused on researching the different filter design components.

Ryan Yoshimoto

Marketing Advisor

Ryan is our marketing advisor for this project and will working with Scott in promoting our project to the market. He will also be focused on understanding and implemeting the battery design components.